From The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC)

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) released their latest sales figures, which showed that Antwerp’s diamond industry, specially rough diamond sales are on the upswing.

During the month of February, Antwerp’s  exports and imports totaled around $5.1 billion, a total of 25 million carats of rough and polished diamonds were traded during that month. Which represents a 38-percent increase by volume and a 4.5-percent increase by value over last year’s figures.

However, Antwerp’s polished diamond figures for the month of February showed a decline on a year-over-year. Polished diamond exports fell to about 9.64 percent to $1.596 billion in comparison with $1.766 billion in February 2015 by value. This volume decline of rough diamond exports fell to 15.77 percent to 616,000 carats compared to to the same period last year of 731,000 carats.

There was a drastic improvement in Rough diamond exports on a year to year basis. In value, rough diamond exports increased to 21 percent or $1.277 billion in comparison with $1.057 billion in sales for February 2015. Rough diamond exports in volume jumped 30 percent to 12.3 million cts compared to 9.5 million a year ago.

Cut & Polished diamond imports decreased for February by 11.94 percent in value and 16.64 percent in quantity. But rough diamond imports ae on the up and up. In value the increase was 27.79 percent or $1.329 billion in comparison with $1.039 billion for February 2015. By volume, rough diamond imports increased about 58 percent, jumping to 11.7 million carats compared to 7.4 million carats over last year.

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